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Bagels, Pastries and Candy at a Health Seminar?

Sadly, yes. That’s what was served for breakfast at a “Health and Wealth” seminar that I attended at a local hotel recently. To be fair, they did also have some fresh cut fruit but the bagels and pastries were gobbled up first and most of the fruit was left untouched. They also put out bowls of hard candy on each table.

Clearly, most of the attendees were happy with what was served and enjoyed it. The problem is that most of us are used to having a bagel or a pastry for breakfast. But, it’s really a poor choice. The refined flour in a bagel acts just like sugar in your body. This gives you a burst of energy, then you crash and crave more sugar. And we all know at this point how too much sugar and starches causes weight gain, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Not good. Especially when over 70% of all American adults are overweight or obese according to the CDC.

It would have been great if the catering manager had provided healthier options to support the focus of this specific event and the message of the doctors who gave excellent health advice.

My point is if the offerings were different, people would eat differently. We need to ask the hotel, cruise ship, resort and restaurant chefs to provide healthier options. If the hotel would’ve served whole grain oatmeal or plain yogurt or granola, I bet the fruit would not have gone to waste. People would’ve added it to their bowls. I won’t even begin to wish for a non-dairy milk offering such as almond, soy or flax milk or fruit/veggie smoothies or avocado toast but, I would love to see that happen too.

Imagine getting used to that.

Oh, and did I mention one of the exhibitors was raffling off a 5 pound giant chocolate bar? Yes, at a Health seminar! Oh well; one issue at a time.


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