Eleanor Freda Holistic Health/Nutrition/Wellness Coach 310 Springfield Ave. Suite 16 Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 908-280-2657
My mission is to help people create unique and effective diet and lifestyle habits that enable them to enjoy optimal health throughout their lives!

Disease prevention is my number one cause and I am committed to making a difference in the health of my family, friends and community by encouraging everyone to choose clean, organic and non-GMO foods and to avoid toxic chemicals as much as possible. My hope is through education and awareness of nutrition, physical activity, stress and sleep management, and rewarding relationships we can fully nourish both body and soul and reduce the number of people who yearly are diagnosed with chronic illnesses.

Although I am one small voice, I believe together we can affect positive change by choosing the best for ourselves and our families in all the products that we purchase, and in turn, live long, happy and healthy lives.

I fully support local farmers, especially certified organic and I recommend everyone purchase locally grown produce and eggs and meat from free range, pasture fed animals directly from farmers and/or at local farmers' markets year round.  Please consider patronizing restaurants and retailers that do the same.

Member of the New Jersey Agricultural Society and the New Jersey Farm Bureau.

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