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Let's Create Good Healthy Habits

Eat more vegetables, get 8 hours of sleep, exercise 3 times a week, reduce stress…

Do that and you’ll be healthy! Ah, if it were only that easy.

We all know what we should do. We do them sometimes. But we’re not consistent. Why don’t we do these things all the time?

 If you ask most people if they want to live a long and healthy life, they will say yes.  But, they admit they don’t do the things that will keep them healthy and ensure longevity as much as they would like to.

There are many reasons why not and each person has their own list; but the bottom line is because it is easier not to. And people naturally gravitate toward what is EASY.

It’s easier to eat processed, premade food, it’s easier not to exercise, it’s easier to complain about your relationships and your job but do nothing to change your situation, it’s easier to take prescribed medications than to work at being healthy.

Because Being Healthy is Work!

We end up making poor choices in the foods we eat because we aren’t planning our meals ahead of time or we believe that cooking our own meals will take too much time or we don’t know how to cook or because the good organic food is too expensive. Also, often we eat on the run so we order in, pick up a pizza, drive-through a fast food restaurant, etc. When we are at the grocery store, we pick up chips or crackers as snacks because they are jumping out at us (On Sale! Two for One!)  Or the honest truth is that chips and crackers taste good!

Our reasons for our poor choices is that they have basically become habits; what we are used to, what we know, what we don’t have to think about.

Because that’s what habits are: rote, mindless, unconscious behaviors. No thinking needed.

So, let’s just make new habits!

Let’s purchase clean, organic, nourishing fruits and veggies at the grocery store or at farmers markets and ignoring the “goodies” as a habit.
Let’s avoid the processed food aisles at the supermarkets and go to the outside perimeter where the “health foods” are as a habit. (Kind of makes you wonder what they call the other foods in the middle….but I digress).
Let’s make fruit, veggies and nuts our snacks (buy those little plastic snack bag and pre fill them) as a habit.
Let’s start planning our meals as a habit.
Let’s cook a few meals at a time and freeze or refrigerate tomorrow’s meals as a habit.
Let’s order water or unsweetened ice tea instead of soda at restaurants as a habit.
I could go on and on.

It isn’t that we don’t want to be healthier; it’s just that we got into some bad habits. And I believe it can be just as easy to get into good habits. The first week or two might be challenging but then it becomes rote, second nature, unconscious behavior.

Good habits: possible, healthier, EASY!


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